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After her morning coffee, she is bubbly and creative. Sunsets on the beach and tacos are her spirit animals. Chocolate candy acts in place of emergency life support. 




When he's not taking and editing photos, you can find him hoarding Reese's candies and whooping his kids butts on the Nintendo Switch. 

She broke my heart when I asked her to marry me at 5 years old. I bet you know what the answer was. I just had to wait it out and I was much luckier the second time. Fast forward a few years and now we spend most of our days being run by our children and forgetting our own names.

P.S. Dont forget the coffee!

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Why Shoot Boudoir?

     As human beings, we always seem to struggle with self doubt. Doubts in our ability to execute, to understand, to stand out, to be more, to do our best. In a society that tries to let us know what "normal" looks like. How to act, feel and think. 

     The feeling and thought of "there's someone better than you out there, so why try?" has plagued my line of thinking for my entire life. After marriage, my wife concluded my suspicions of how much self doubt can stand in the way of becoming something great. 

     From an early age, women are conditioned from magazines, tv, internet, advertisements, billboards, and more that you need "this product or service" to look like "this model or famous figure" and if you don't do this, well forget about looking pretty. Well that's some serious bullsh*t!

     We are so very hyper critical of ourselves and ladies be honest!... usually more so than men. To be able to watch a woman look at herself and be able to put all those self doubting thoughts aside and say "Damn, I cannot believe that's me" or "I didn't know I could look that good". That is the sauce right there. THAT IS YOU! Every day. That beautiful amazing human being is there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

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