Wuenst Boudoir Brand Ambassadors

We are looking for a 4-6 women to be "Brand Ambassadors" for Wuenst Boudoir. This means that you are willing to spread the word about what we're up to and keeping the positive vibes rolling. If becoming an influencer is something you've wanted to try out, keep reading! 


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  • Must be over 21 years old

  • Social Media Savvy

  • Do not represent as a brand ambassador for any other photographer during the length of your contract (including family or friends...it's okay to ask why...to avoid confusion to your audience)

  • To like, share, comment on *all* social media content that Wuenst Boudoir posts

  • Sign a full photo release

  • Sign 6-month contract

  • Share your personal photos on social media

  • Join our VIP Group & Moderate Group

  • Go LIVE with us in our VIP group and talk about your experiences

  • Show up on time for your photo sessions

  • Encourage other women to book sessions with Wuenst Boudoir

  • Be the epitome of body positivity in your personal life and social media persona. 

  • Be respectful to every and all human beings on and off social media, bringing people down in any form goes against what we are trying to promote. We are all pretty on the outside, but if you're ugly on the inside, you're just ugly. (There is no tolerance on this requirement)



  • Get paid ($50) dollars for each referred client that books with your name and completes their session! After 5 referrals, receive ($100) per completed referral. No cap on referrals. Bring 'em in girl!

  • Receive (3) boudoir sessions over the course of 6 months ($900 value)

  • Receive a 20 image album collection after 6 months, comprised from your 3 sessions. ($1350 value)

  • Receive a 15% discount for HAND MADE lingerie made FOR YOU by Desirables by Amber Nicole.

  • Receive Wuenst Boudoir Brand Ambassador T-shirt!

  • 5 digitals from each session! 

  • 10% discount on available products


Apply to be a Brand Ambassador

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