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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

     The Boudoir Experience begins at $300. To learn more about this head on over to our Pricing page. We will guide you through the whole experience from start to finish. You can email us to get more information or to schedule your free consultation. It's best to become comfortable with who you are working with before getting on set, this helps calm nerves and get ready for your amazing experience! 

Who do you photograph?

Anyone that wants to feel beautiful and is over the age of 18.

(We do not photograph minors)

We also work with private content creators. 

Are you going to show my pictures online?

     The Boudoir Experience is for you! We will only share your photos if you tell us it is okay. The clients that you see on our website gave us written permission to post their images. Privacy and comfort are top priorities and we will not jeopardize that. 

    We would love to showcase you on our website and help us show others what the experience looks and feels like! 

I am not a model and this is my first time doing something like this. Is that ok?

     Then you are the perfect client for a boudoir experience! Not everyone is going to walk through the door and know exactly how to pose or what looks to give the lens. That's exactly why we are here to help you. We will make sure to showcase the diva that is inside and get the best out of you. 

     We will assist you through every pose and expression. If there's something that's just not clicking or making sense, we'll jump right in the pose for you! Not understanding how we want you to tilt your head?... we'll just adjust it for you. We are here to make this as easy AND fun as possible! 

I don't like a part of my body...Can you Photoshop it?

     Our aim is to capture you as you are without the need to photoshop because you are BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE! We do lightly touch up skin and remove blemishes that aren't always there, however if you're still wanting something edited, we can upon request. 

Do you have a studio?

     Since we are still fairly new to the North Carolina area, we have teamed up with some AirBnB hosts to use as our studios for the time being. 

What's great about this is that it'll guarantee you have backdrops that are unique from the rest of our gallery, instead of the same background as every other client, while still getting the same wonderful experience!

( We also utilize our home studio for our mini session! )

Can I bring a girlfriend?

     Absolutely! You can have your best girlfriend tag along with you. Once she sees your photos, she's going to want her own boudoir experience too!

Do you offer Hair and Makeup?

     YES! Tori will sit you down when you first arrive and get your hair and make up done, this is built into the cost of booking your session. You can relax, enjoy some chocolate and have some champagne, wine or mimosas while getting to know us a little better before we get to business. 

A Male Photographer shooting boudoir?

     It's totally understandable to be apprehensive about a male photographer taking your boudoir pictures, especially since Boudoir is dominated by women photographers. However there are plenty of women that actually prefer to have their session with a male photographer and this is for a couple of reasons. (You'll actually have the female and male perspective....DOUBLE WAMMY!)

     1. If you're taking these photos for your husband/ fiancé/ boyfriend/ significant other, you'll most likely want a man's opinion on what he think looks attractive. Remember the last time you were lounging around in your super comfy baggy t-shirt and he said "I love when you wear that, you look so sexy" and you say back "OMG stop, no I don't"...you should know...he really believes you do. 

     2. When you're buying your gift album and you want to make sure you're finding his favorite shots that are still tasteful, know I'll have your best interest at heart. 

     3. Women and Men see, think and feel differently. What a man would find sexy and tasteful could and will be completely different from what a woman does. 

     4. Our focus is solely to create the best images of you, for you.

Im not sure what I want to order yet, can I decide after I see my photos?

     You absolutely can! After your shoot, we will go through the photos and you'll pick out your favorites. You can then decide what you'd like to order (fine art album, wall prints, etc). It'll take about 1 week to get them edited and another 3 weeks for them to arrive back after printing. 

Ask about Prepayment Plans (paying before your session) for a discount on collections and ala carte options!

I need recommendations on what to wear!

     Once you book your session and we've discussed what kind of shoot you're looking for, we have a fantastic outfit guide that will show you all of the most popular options for boudoir photography and if you'd like to think outside the box we are open to new ideas.