Get out there and smell the nature! - Leaf Park drawing

Hey y'all just wanted to pop in and create a quick little post. We were out and about over the weekend and we were letting the kids play in a park nearby. What a wonderful little park, if you've never been to Long Leaf Park in Wilmington, NC, you should go. It's got some sport fields and a nice calm pond to look at the turtles and GIANT koi fish, while peacefully eating your lunch with your family. The kids recreational area is small, but the quality is top notch, so if you are sick of run down parks and don't need a giant place to play, then this park is your go to!

The Drawing:

So while we were out at the park, we were trying to get Wuenst Boudoir out there since we are still fairly new to the area. We were handing out some business cards for our business(es) and there was a raffle for some lucky ladies!


If you're lucky lady #21, please go ahead and reach out to Wuenst Boudoir to claim your free mini session! To everyone else that's checking back in, please remember, you still get a 15% off discount for being in the right place at the right time! Use it up, we would love to work with everyone we had the chance of briefly chatting with!

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