Hitting that Reset button on life?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a deep groove of life. Slowly we just keep grinding and eventually we realize exactly how comfortable we've allowed ourselves to become. Sitting in our trench that "suddenly" came out of nowhere. Mhmm, sure whatever you say pal!

Leaving your foxhole behind for good.

As a family, as of December 2020, it has been our first relocation. For Ryan (Dad), it is also his first "big move". We left our home behind in New York and we have completely hit the reset button on life starting a new in North Carolina!

We had been trying to sell our home for many years with every ounce of sweat and tears being wasted in the summer heat preparing for clients to take a look at the home. A couple of sweet bites on the hook had us thinking we would sell, that year or the next year. Fast forward to the latter part of the amazing year, 2020 and we were finally in contract to part ways with our beloved estate.

For was extremely tough. Quite honestly, its taken a fair amount of time to adjust to the North Carolina way. Also, getting here in the same month as Christmas and trying to make sure the kids experience Santa without any hitches was an obstacle! All that said, we are finally starting to settle in and look forward to the new and beyond.

Adventures Await

I was staying remote at my NY job and it was an amazing gig that allowed me to make enough and spend more time with my family. However deep down, I knew that I had touched the ceiling and there was nothing more left to achieve. The goose egg I had been wanting is laying in hiding somewhere else.

I had photography experience as a side hustle back in NY, but never allowed it to become anything more than that. We all want to be the boss, until we realize that, "holy shit, there's a lot to this...maybe getting my instructions for the day and a paycheck at the end of the week is what I really want"....NOPE. I've read so many business books and every successful business person has basically said the same thing...."take the leap of faith or you'll definitely fail."

North Carolina has become everything including a blank slate to me and my family. It's now time to take the leap of faith and conquer the passion that I've been wanting. My wife has already started her own business and a lucrative one at that. However the issue that first appears is...having to re-network when you've already built up a large clientele! The idea can be exhausting. We are going to make sure that NC and Wuenst Boudoir become very friendly.

So let me just say....Thank you North Carolina for allowing us this opportunity and we plan to make you proud!

-Wuenst Boudoir - RW

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