Parenting and Entrepreneur - ing during COVID. Did the house get smaller?

What a crazy year this has been so far and it's still going, isn't it? How many of you are entrepreneurs running life your way and daring to forge your own path no matter the consequences? #itsCalledFreedom or at least that's the initial allure to becoming one. But holy hell can it have some days that are just a headache waiting to happen. When you have the idea to create your own business, you think about all the stuff you want to do. If you're great at cooking and you want to share your food with the world, you imagine cooking all your favorite foods and people being ecstatic at the taste. Now what you weren't envisioning was the late night paperwork and back end excel sheets making sure you're tallying every last cost to make sure your efforts are actually pushing your money need to the bigger number and not the smaller number. Some days, this is what your efforts are 100% sucked into and its tough because its not really what you were hoping each day would be filled with, but it is what it is. We have responsibilities associated with our business we all just have to handle. #justTryingToAdultHereNothingToSee

Have you ever felt like the ratio of fun days to not fun days of business start to get out of whack and you say to yourself "Hey fun, where you going buddy?!?" Well if you had not before "stay in places" were put in place, I'm sure you felt it afterwards. Wait, so now I'm working from home, my wife is working from home AND NOW THE KIDS ARE HOME ALL THE TIME TOO? WHYYYYYYYY!

*Just breath its totally okay, we can get through this.....lets just get some work don....HEY MOM HEY DAD...* *sigh* How many of us have had to shift our duties to later in the afternoon to accommodate being the second teacher in the room during in home learning and fidgeting with tablets and packets, but... I really need to get these photos to a client like today! Suddenly time is messing with you and theres actually only 9 hrs in a day, 24 hrs is just a myth... I know speaking from personal experience, that you get into "grooves" at different parts of the day, more so than others. I am most definitely not a morning person, but being put on COVID schedule, I realized that I'm actually not a really good late afternoon person either. I found out that my prime, get shit done time slot, is from 10-3. Do you have a span like this where you just feel more effective during a portion of the day?

Now I can't say that this hasn't had some positive light to it. Having the kids home more while they are still this young is something I'm sure we will cherish when we are much older looking back on this time period. I was just looking at some Facebook Memories today from a few years ago with my daughter and it brought a tear to my eye, I remember spending so much time with her and all the laughs we had and I'm sure I will look back on these days one day too and smile even though they were definitely more difficult than going to work away from the family and then coming home at 5.

Who would have thought, when you're gone away from your family all day long, its tough to be away that long each day. Flip it on its head and when you're together every single day for over a year, you somehow want to take a family vacation to the Bahamas, with the Mamas, without the family...Whoops. But honestly, I think this has been tougher on our youngest one, because he's been used to his sister being home every single day and now she's transitioned back to school and some days he seems lost waiting for his sister to get home. #themFeels What's been some of the toughest challenges for you being stuck home with everyone all day long? No privacy? No meditation time? No Strict Bed Time? Short Fuses Popping? #entrepreneur2020 #covidstuff #parenting #smallerhouse

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