It's an odd phenomenon when you provide a service for others that you think is well known and it turns out that there's actually a lot of questions that still surround the topic! So we are going to break down exactly what BOUDOIR IS and what BOUDOIR is NOT!


Boudoir is an older word that stood for "bedroom"...although today, this art form can also take place outside of the bedroom and not just in bedroom attire.

Boudoir photography is a powerful form of photography that has one serious goal in mind:

Making sure you know how BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CONFIDENT and IMPORTANT you are. Clients have an opportunity to timestamp how they are in this exact moment and then create pieces that are timeless for them to reflect back on. It is a celebration of self, a commitment and a message to yourself tomorrow that you no longer feel like being the person of yesterday that doubts and puts down the person inside. Instead, it's about the acceptance and comfortability with who we are. Some of our clients are already there, confident in there skin, their body and where they stand in this world and use it more for a celebration or gift, to their self or to their significant other. Hello Brides and long lasting wedding couples, talking to you! Others use boudoir photography as a ship to a new destination. That location being the more confident version of their self with less self doubt and negativity. None of us are perfect and we never will be, but thankfully none of us are on the journey towards perfection, just expansion. Expanding towards being the better more accepting version of ourselves.


-It's not porn!

-It's not sleazy!

-It's not degrading!

-It's not for "just models"!

-It's not taboo!

-It's not "creepy" (although there are some in it for the wrong reason, so make sure you do your research on your photographer)


Even with all the information out there on the internet, it's funny that we can still not know about something, when all that power is at our finger tips. Each client's experience is different from the next. Yes, you might end up naked in front of strangers....even after you never thought you would, but then once your session is half way through, you just end up going for it...funny how that works. On the contrast, you may never leave your comfy clothes or t-shirt, every client receives bomb ass pictures they are proud of. The comfortability level of the client is what drives the session and where that ship sails to and here at Wuenst Boudoir. We tailor your entire experience around how comfortable you're feeling.

So why would you actually make the jump to have your photos taken in a manner like this? Boudoir is popular for brides that are looking to CREATE the best WEDDING GIFT that you can't just go out and buy for your spouse. Timeless photos you'll be able to cherish for the rest of your life! Boudoir is a great choice for when we hit milestones in our life, like 10th, 20th, 30th anniversary, 30th, 40th, 50th birthday, weight loss milestone, a fresh divorce or some other major achievements in your life that you're proud of.

If you ever get to that point, where enough is enough and you're tired of being a wandering generality and you've lost your sense of identity giving it away to everyone else in your might just be time for a Boudoir Experience.

We tirelessly give ourselves away to everyone else around us, just trying to make everyone happy. Hey Moms, talking to you, sound familiar right? You work so damn hard being the beacon of your family and then when it all boils down, it feels like you're getting the short end of the stick. When we finally NEED something for ourselves, BOUDOIR is waiting for you. The self empowering, confidence building experiences gives back things that we've willingly given away for other responsibilities in our life, but you're the main character in your story and every hero needs a break.

When you no longer feel like the person on the inside is the same representation as the person on the outside, it starts to fall apart. We understand exactly how you feel. As a mother of two (Tori), I felt like I gave away everything I had to offer to my children (my body, my time, my energy, MY SOUL) and then realized I give away more than I ever receive back and it started to make me feel empty inside and I lost sight of what I used to be/feel. Boudoir invigorated me back to the point, I saw beauty in myself, I feel more confident, I own my day, because I am a bad ass momma and it can't be hidden anymore!

Have you just been so hard on yourself since Day 1 and it's so beyond old at this just need some change?

Living in today's world, it's hard to not be hard on ourselves. No matter where you look, you're probably seeing someone else's success being flaunted in your face only to make you feel less. Then you realize, its not about everyone one else is living your life and it's time to make happen what you want to happen. It's your journey, no one else's, so its just all about progress over perfection. There doesn't need to be a special occasion to show yourself that you do ACTUALLY LOVE and APPRECIATE yourself. We grant our services to anyone who thinks that it's their time for a boudoir experience and then we show them exactly why they were right!

"Boudoir is just really expensive nudes..." WRONG

Just like any other services, you can find it cheap or you can find it at a luxury price point, but unless you've found your four leaf clover in every aspect of your usually end up getting what you paid for.

When you hear stories about someone getting a dirt cheap tattoo, how many times out of 10 are you actually impressed with the tattoo? Yeah exactly my point. Photography is no different, you're paying for the expertise of that particular photographer, their vision, their services, their time and what they value that at and being able to cover the cost of doing business so they can continue to work with others. Everyone has a choice of where they go to purchase, but you also have to live with that choice. So you can always risk it for the biscuit, but you might just end up unhappy with what you receive.

We understand that everyone values photography and specifically boudoir photography on a different level. This is OK. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one is wrong. For those interested in our particular services that may not be able to budget it all at once, we have payment plan options so every budget can afford a boudoir experience with us! Ask us about it and we'll gladly assist setting you up!